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American Roll Form Products

20 May 2014

Process/Technology: Roll forming; pre- and post-punching; turret punching; rotary punching; Tog-L-Lok; press braking; welding; aluminum extrusions; hot-dipped galvanized; stampings and assemblies; powder coating; plating; assembly and packaging; kitting; engineering part review; tooling design and FEA; and rapid prototyping

Materials: Cold rolled steel; hot rolled steel; hot rolled pickled and oiled; pre-paint; pre-galvanized steel; aluminum; galvanized aluminum; stainless steel; UltraSteel, brass, bronze; and copper

Sizing: 0.010" to 0.250", and 0.5" to 24” wide strip width

Shapes/Structures: C channels; Hat channels; Z sections; sigma sections; struts; purlins; and many other linear complex shapes

Additional Features: 

·       Specialized in multi-process projects, with a single-invoice service; and

·       Provides a full-service approach, with 100% custom engineering, testing, and fabrication offered.

As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Metal Fabrication
Volume: May/June 2014