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Ameri-Skills Solar & Wind Training

22 Jan 2010

Solar powerAmeri-Skills is offering a turnkey solar training program that can be utilized by community colleges, universities, trade schools, adult continuing education, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and Veteran Affairs Education Assistance programs to start-up new solar training classes in their community. The program allows any school to begin a solar training program that teaches students the basics for installing solar PV electric systems. The Ameri-Skills turnkey solar training program provides a certified instructor, training manuals, “hands-on” exercises, and the ETA International solar entry level certification for students who pass the ETA Level I PV Installer Certification exam. Ameri-Skills will also help schools participate in Federal Workforce Investment Act programs, which gives students access to $3,000 to $5,000 (approx.) for tuition to learn a skill for jobs in the solar electric (PV), solar thermal, or alternative energy technologies.

As seen in: 2010 Solar Buyers Guide
Volume: January/February 2010