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All-in-one weather stations with external temperature measurement

20 Jul 2012

all in one weather stationsLufft announces the release of its newest generation all-in-one weather station, equipped with a special external surface temperature sensor for monitoring solar panel temperature. The new optional external sensor can be attached to the station and adds additional channels, which can be easily polled via the existing communication signal. The WS Family of all-in-one weather stations provide high-precision measurements of multiple parameters including solar radiation, wind, rainfall, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Now, add external surface temperature with robust 3M adhesive for back of panel temperature. The sensor is configurable communication to work with nearly any PLC, Datalogger, or SCADA system communicating using MODBUS-RTU, ASCII, SDI-12 or Analog.

Additional features of the new hardware include: improved functionality of the built-in digital compass with accuracy to one degree; optional external tipping bucket rain gauge; optional external ambient temperature sensor; optional heated or low-power energy saving mode; optional external leaf wetness sensor for agricultural applications; and configurable communication to work with nearly any PLC, datalogger, or SCADA system.

LufftUSA Inc.

Volume: July/August 2012