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All-in-one solar kit for distributed generation

15 May 2021

Soltec's Solarfighter is a product designed for photovoltaic distributed generation projects of up to 12MW. The Solarfighter kit comprises of all equipment required to build a photovoltaic tracking plant. Solarfighter also includes plant installation and maintenance services provided by certified Soltec installers, as well as customer service and product warranty offered directly by the manufacturer. This combined package is designed to maximize compatibility and competitiveness. The kit includes solar trackers, modules adapted to specific project requirements, inverter, cabling, BoP systems and communications, as well as batteries in the case of storage projects. It is also designed to be integrated within upcoming hydrogen storage projects. With this kit, Soltec offers its SF7 tracker technology, adaptable to multiple climate and terrain characteristics with the aim to optimize plant performance. These trackers favor utmost power generation within a small space, using optimized tracking algorithms and simplifying photovoltaic plant installation and maintenance activities.

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