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Aesthetic solar street lighting 

15 Jul 2019

Vertical solar cylinder street lighting offers cylindrical solar panels which can be mounted to any shape of poles with a diameter up to 6.1" (155mm). LED power can be between 20W to 100W. Couples of cylinders can be connected in series to get higher power up to 200W, 300W, 420W, etc. With a detachable design, the modules are quickly and easily mounted on any suitable pole. 6 slim solar panels are tightly adhered to an aluminum, hexagonal frame, ensuring half of the solar panels will be directed towards the sun at any time of the day for charging. The cylindrical design reduces wind resistance and each model is attached to the pole with 12 screws. The vertical mounting reduces the risk of snow cover and allows the panels to be easily cleaned with long brushes from the ground. 

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Volume: 2019 July/August