Advanced texturing solutions  

RENA Technologies GmbH offers advanced solutions to customers for texturing of both mono and multi-crystalline silicon sliced by diamond wire saw technology. The increased demand for texturing solutions for diamond wire sawn multi-crystalline silicon is met by RENA's solution, InTex-E, process allowing for weighted reflection values well below the typical level of RW~26-28% of an acidic texture to values of below RW<20% for the RENA InTex-E approach. The technology features metal-free chemistry based on HF/HNO3 etching solutions and allows for inline processing at similar footprints compared to conventional acidic texturing tools. RENA has also improved the alkaline texturing process for mono-crystalline silicon using the RENA monoTEX texturing agent and has increased the bath lifetime to over 250 runs with a single bath makeup. This allows a very high productive uptime of the texturing equipment RENA BatchTex and lowers the operation expenses at the same time.

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Volume: 2017 May/June