Adaptable and reliable solar tracking solution

PVH unveiled AxoneDuo Infinity which offers adaptability across all dimensions, adapting to diverse configurations and meeting unique terrain requirements, even within individual projects. A key feature of AxoneDuo Infinity is its versatile string interconnectivity that offers a wide range of optimization options that reduce costs while increasing efficiency. Rows can also be independently trigger in its Unlinked mode, boosting operational effectiveness. When AxoneDuo Infinity is equipped with DBox5, its possibilities are extended. This advanced SCADA and control system employs sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to monitor installations, pinpoint faults, and anticipate structural threats. Moreover, AxoneDuo Infinity's robust weather defense strategy actively positions panels to protect the plant in extreme conditions. Its reinforced structure ensures peak performance in any scenario. With its ability to maximize solar module potential and efficiently capture sunlight on any terrain, AxoneDuo Infinity drastically reduces need for significant earthwork, making it sustainable and cost-effective solution for solar power generation.

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Volume: 2024 March/April