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4-module, 3-phase microinverter

07 Nov 2022

APsystems unveiled the QT2 series, a four-module, three-phase microinverter product line for commercial, industrial, and residential 3-phase solar applications. The second generation of APsystems’ 3-Phase quad microinverter, the QT2 comes in various models being launched in multiple global regions: 208Y/120V and 480Y/277V models in the U.S., 127/220V in Latin America, and 380V for Europe and Australia. The QT2 offers high power output; 1800W (480V) and 1728W (208V) in the U.S., and 2000W in EU, LATAM and Australia markets. The QT2 is suitable for use with four high-capacity commercial PV modules from 450W to 600W+, enabled with Reactive Power Control (RPC), and UL 1741 SA (CA Rule 21) compliant. With high DC input current support up to 20A, the QT2 has been engineered to pair with high power modules, including the 182/210 cell panels. The QT2 employs power inversion circuitry, semiconductor device technology, and high-speed communication, to deliver the high power and intelligent control needed within the commercial solar space.

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Volume: 2022 November/December