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1500VDC disconnecting string combiner

15 Mar 2017

Yaskawa - Solectria Solar recently launched the DISCOM 1500, the latest product in their suite of string combiners. With high quality and durability, the DISCOM 1500 allows for simplified installation and mounting flexibility, and also provides safety and protection features. The 1500VDC combiners are available in 8-24 fused positions and include a wide range of fuse values allowing up to 36 string inputs. The standard enclosure is powder coated steel (Type 4) with the fiberglass (Type 4X) enclosure option available upon request. The DISCOM 1500 includes connection plates for compression terminals (2 per output up to 600 kcmil or 1 per output up to 750 kcmil) and 90˚C terminal rating. 

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