Solar-attached EV management solution

SolarEdge Technologies has launched a solar-attached Electric Vehicle (EV) management solution for the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) segment. The new software-based solution manages and optimizes the EV charging process for sites that require dynamic load management and have large quantities of EVs, such as apartment buildings, workplaces, and public charging locations. Built on AI-based predictive algorithms, the solution incorporates real-time data analytics and considers solar production, dynamic electricity prices, and tiered charging schedules. By integrating seamlessly with SolarEdge’s energy management system, this new offering orchestrates and optimizes interactions between facility solar generation, stationary battery storage, and large-scale EV charging, taking into account grid and infrastructure limitations. The EV charging management solution is powered by technology developed by Wevo Energy (“Wevo”), a startup specializing in EV charging optimization and management software, in which SolarEdge is an investor.

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Volume: 2023 May/June