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Digital Solar Corp., released its sustainable, patented, Digital Solar hydronic Heating (DSH) system for homes, buildings, and process heat. The system is designed to offset 50% to 100% of heating requirements/year, and is now optimized for use in Canada. A low cost heat core storage system, located within the foundation of buildings, is large enough to store summer/excess heat for use later. The system is best suited for new homes and buildings with slab floors, or retrofitted into existing radiant heating. Each heating system is custom engineered for that location and heating demand. DSH, with dozens of systems overseas, recently redesigned it to function in the cold environments of Canada. This includes solar thermal panels that work well down past -22 °F (-30 °C), and options such as snow melt, a back-boiler fireplace, spa/pool, and high temp heat. The new system is WiFi compatible and 100% on- or off-grid capable,

Digital Solar Heat (DSH) |

Volume: 2019 July/August