Converting excess current into thermal energy

The RESOL FlowSol E has been designed for using excess current produced by a photovoltaic system. The station contains all the vital hydraulic components, is particularly easy to install and can be retrofitted into all heating and DHW systems. The measuring device detects excess current and the integrated controller redirects it to a steplessly variable electric heater for heating a water store. Thus, excess power can be stored as regenerative heat, internal consumption can be increased while decreasing conventional heating costs. All the while, household power has absolute priority and grid compliance is maintained. The intelligent control ensures an optimum store stratification so that even small amounts of excess power can be reliably converted into heat and power fluctuations can be balanced out. The RESOL FlowSol E becomes the missing link between the photovoltaic system and the heat generator, for more independence, decreased heating costs, and less CO2 emissions.


Volume: 2016 July/August