Solar thermal appliance

Solar thermal applianceWith over two years of product development and field tests, Wagner Solar Inc. (a division of Wagner & Co.) unveils its newest line of SECUSOL systems. Designed as a stand-alone appliance for domestic hot water preparation, SECUSOL systems are backed by an electrical heating element (4.5 kWel) and can be used to retrofit existing DHW heaters. SECUSOL is a non-pressurized, hybrid drain-back appliance. The patented design allows for the solar loop-fluid to drain directly back into the heat exchange coil, thereby eliminating the need for a separate tank to be installed. The appliance’s pump is also directly mounted to the bottom of the heat exchanger, complete with safety group and shut-off/fill valves. The unique pump integration means that a traditional pump station doesn’t need to be installed. The biggest advantage of SECUSOL is the total installation time, which (including collector mounting) typically takes only four to six hours.
Wagner Solar Inc.

Volume: March/April 2013