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Water tank vision & welding machine

18 Sep 2010

Water Tank Vision and Welding Machine SK Brazing Company introduces a Water Tank Vision and Welding Machine to compliment their full production line for hot water solar panel manufacturing. This new machine welds end caps of water storage tanks to water tank bodies using TIG, MIG, plasma, CO2 or laser welding. Water tank production capacity can be increased with high-quality through tight dimensional control, minimal heat distortion, and uniform welding. Assemblies are loaded with or without the end caps spot welded onto the main tank body. If necessary, the machine will start by rotating the assemblies on lathe style fixturing to spot weld, which is critical to minimize heat deformation during final welding.

The visioning process then rotates the assemblies to verify tolerancing of the joint circumference between the end caps and tank body, using laser sensors to check the height variation and vision sensors to check the width variation with all measurements displayed on the machine’s Vision Scanning Monitor. If visioning confirms all tolerances are within 5mm, final welding commences. The machine will not weld if the tolerances exceed 5mm. Vision and welding cycle times are typically two to three minutes for tanks between 280mm and 350mm. The machine design is flexible to weld multiple water tank sizes and materials, including stainless steel and aluminum.

SK Brazing Company

Volume: Sep/Oct 2010