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PV system shutdown

20 Jul 2014
The MidNite Rapid Shutdown System is a firefighter/homeowner’s control system, designed specifically for disconnecting rooftop PV panels. In case of emergencies or system maintenance, the press of a red button will trigger the Rapid Shutdown, activating all remote trip devices in the system. This process disconnects hazardous voltages from the PV array and the rest of the system.    
The central component of the system, the Birdhouse, works in conjunction with MidNite Solar’s disconnecting combiners, remote trip circuit breakers, cat5 cable, high-voltage shutoff boxes, battery disconnect modules, and power supply board. It’s designed to be mounted within 500 meters of the combiner, and located in an accessible location for first responders. The Birdhouse LEDs display the system status with automated speech, which provides further situation-specific information. The Birdhouse also has an attractive, weather-resistant enclosure made of anodized aluminum and high-density plastic.    
MidNite Solar

Volume: July/August 2014