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Load break switches

20 Mar 2013

Load break switchesWoehner USA, the official distributor for the complete range of Telergon PV switches, has announced that Telergon’s S5000 DC load break switches are now UL Listed to the UL98B standard. These products are offered in addition to the ETL recognized product range, according to the same UL98B standard. Currently, four sizes of the load break switches have been UL Listed: Size 1 (250 amp); Size 2 (400 amp); Size 3 (600 amp); and Size 4 (800 amp). Aimed at North American PV installations that require NRTL (Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory) certification, Telergon’s S5000 DC load break switches are typically used in string combiner boxes, re-combiner boxes, and inverters that are constructed to the UL1741 standard. They can be used to safely disconnect live, direct current at up to 1000Vdc.
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Volume: March/April 2013