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Monocrystalline silicon solar module

20 Mar 2013

Eoplly 125 Monocrystalline series solar modules are made of 72 pcs 125°—125mm monocrystalline solar cells in series, with a high-efficiency and high-transmission rate, as well as low-iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVA, a flame-resistant backsheet, and anodized aluminum alloy. Eoplly modules are built to quality standards (86 control points), offering a long service life. They are also easy to install and demonstrate high-wind and hail-impact resistance. Additional features include: outstanding low-light performance; three bypass diodes; a power tolerance of 0/+3%; pass 5400 Pa Pressure Test; and a 25-year linear power warranty with a 10-year product guarantee. The Monocrystalline series solar modules are applicable for on-grid and 24V off-grid systems.

Eoplly New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Volume: March/April 2013