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PV weather station

20 Jul 2012

PV weather stationRainWise Inc. has released the PVMET-150, their next-generation, entry-level weather station for commercial and utility-grade PV suppliers who require high-caliber sensors for accurate monitoring data. The PVMET-150 uses a precise, second-class thermopile pyranometer, allowing for dependably bankable data, and is mounted on a tilting bracket to provide global or plane-of-array measurements. Available with ISO 9060:1990 and WMO second-class, first-class, and secondary standard pyranometers. The sturdy and refined PVMET-150 is affordable, compact, and simple to install, communicating via a RS-485 Modbus RTU interface. SunSpec protocol is also available.

RainWise Inc.

Volume: July/August 2012