Short flange solar clip for modules with small frames

Heyco Products Corp.’s new clip is designed with the same features and benefits as their original SunRunner clip, only this new clip attaches to solar panels that have much smaller frames. This new clip will attach to panels with frames that have a lip or edge as small as 10mm. Heyco's SunRunner's double- compression design securely holds a variety of cables ranging from .199'' to .315'' (5mm to 7.6mm). Heyco SunRunner Clips are designed to provide PV module wire management and may be used wherever single or multiple cable management is needed, and neatly dress cables on PV panel frames or along mounting channels. The smooth clip edges prevent damage to cable insulation and locking tabs securely fasten clips to module extrusions, or other panels. These clips include a generous lead-in for installation without tools and are constructed from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel; not for use in a marine salt water environment. Pending UL listing. 

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Volume: 2023 March/April