Rugged ground mount system

The new Static Ground Mount from Kinetic Solar Racking and Mounting is suitable for all framed bifacial PV modules (PVM) and monofacial PV modules. The static ground mount is available in landscape and portrait configurations. It is engineered for a (q50) Wind Load of up to 1.0kPa, a snow load of 2.5kPa, and a rain load of 0.8kPa. It is designed for ease of installation with the use of datums, there is no need for drilling or cutting. With hot-dipped galvanized finished frames, aluminum rails, standard Kinetic end-clamps, mid-clamps, and stainless-steel hardware, the Static Ground Mount is available for modules sized up to 2300mm x 1160mm or equivalent total area. 

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Volume: 2022 July/August