Helping customers navigate the financing process

Designed to help businesses, organizations, municipalities, educational institutions, and others navigate the often complicated solar financing landscape, Standard Solar, Inc. released a free eBook, "Commercial Solar Financing - The Definitive Guide." According to GTM's new report, Commercial Solar Consumer Finance Trends, third-party ownership in commercial solar has been increasing since 2015, driven primarily by the intense growth in community solar. Community solar accounted for almost 20% of commercial installations in 2017, 99% of which were third-party owned. There are multiple factors for each commercial customer that influence the financing decision. In "Commercial Solar Financing - The Definitive Guide," Standard Solar's experts present the complicated financing subject in terms everyone can understand, giving potential solar owners the information they need to evaluate their potential financing partner to make sure success is attainable. The book addresses such crucial questions as: Why financing in the commercial solar segment has lagged; The different vehicles companies can use to build financing packages (from PPAs, leasing, loans and beyond) and; Why in-house financing is quickly becoming the preferred commercial solar financing model.

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