PLC / DCS migration with minimized downtimes

With the aid of adapters, pre-assembled cables, and interfaces from Weidmüller, the problem of replacing one PLC system with another can be solved easily and safely. Users can maintain the existing field cabling, test the new system, and keep installation downtimes to a minimum. All components are plug-and-play with keyed connectors to eliminate any chance of wiring errors. Keep existing field terminations landed, no ring out is needed. PLC conversion can be completed in hours instead of weeks. The key to Weidmüller’s migration platform is in the design. It permits existing field wiring to remain in place and undisturbed on the front panel adapter and eliminates the need to wire-trace or ring-out. The card adapters are cURus approved and the certified cables are UL and CSA listed. In addition, the cables are RoHS and FT4 rated at 300V.

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Volume: 2023 March/April