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Isolating converter

15 May 2021

With their new PNP/NPN converter, WAGO helps increase machine functionality providing one part for 4 different conversions. The 2000 Series isolating converter can be used to accommodate four signal types: PNP to NPN, NPN to PNP, PNP to PNP isolation, and NPN to NPN isolation. Its 7mm design saves valuable DIN rail space allowing for other necessary components. This converter also comes equipped with easy to read color printed wiring diagram reducing error, signal isolation providing extra protection for signal conversion, the ability to stand alone or integrate with other WAGO TOPJOBS sensor/actuator terminals, and extra terminals allowing for sensor power rather than power from a separate device. This PNP to NPN converters is able to be configured. It also has an operating temperature of 0 °F to 104 °F for use in a wide variety of applications.