Solar-powered wireless camera

Sensera Systems has launched its MC-30 MultiSense Camera and Cloud Service products. The company is the first to combine cellular and WiFi, high-resolution still and video imaging, datalogging and control, with an 802.15.4 wireless sensor interface, and built-in solar power into a low-cost device. Sensera Systems’ solar-powered wireless camera products are affordable and simple to use, and are ideal for monitoring construction of new solar energy sites and/or for ongoing site security to protect valuable materials and assets. 
Traditional M2M applications have focused on lower bandwidth IO and control applications. By integrating imaging and IO into a single platform, the company has taken advantage of today’s more capable cellular and computing infrastructures to deliver advanced remote sensing applications at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions. Plus, their MultiSense Cloud Service WebApp provides a 100% web-based graphical interface for viewing data and controlling cameras and I/O from any desktop or mobile platform with no programming and no software to install.
Sensera Systems

Volume: September/October 2014