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JETprotect Corp.

20 Jan 2012

JETprotect Interrogator is an all-in-one device to watch, detect, analyze, geo-track, video record, and alert of threats for remote, large areas of land that house valued assets. One unit covers 7.5 square miles, which results in great savings over multiple cameras and security guards. Minimal or no security guards are needed, resulting in increased reliability and lowered operational costs. Interrogator is all-weather and detects in day, night, snow, fog, rain, etc. This technology provides early warning of approaching threat, long before they reach the perimeter, and can illuminate and track a man at over one mile distance. Interrogator offers Customized Alert Zones for critical areas. iPhone/iPad wireless connection alert-and-control function provides situational awareness to view the site and see what Interrogator sees, in real time. The Interrogator, installed at the beginning of a solar project, protects against construction site losses. After completion it continues to protect the energy and revenue production.

As seen in: 2012 Solar Buyers Guide
Volume: January/February 2012