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Advanced-plate batteries

20 Sep 2014
The Discover RE Tubular batteries provide maximum efficiency per discharge-charge cycle, along with proven reliability in remote, high-temperature, or unstable power network installations. The advanced tubular technology features a multi-tube gauntlet construction that encapsulates the active material, resulting in cyclic stability, longer life, and higher capacity. Tubular batteries avoid mass shedding, reduce corrosion, and prevent early capacity loss—offering an ideal solution for many of the common problems faced with flat-plate technologies. Available in 2V, 6V, and 12V options, OPzS Flooded (Low-Maintenance) and OPzV Gel (Maintenance-Free), Discover RE Tubular batteries provide users with one of the lowest overall cost of ownership when compared to other high-quality, lead-acid batteries in stationary and renewable energy applications.
Discover Energy Corp.

Volume: September/October 2014