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Energy storage grid-tied inverters

20 May 2014
Power management company Eaton has announced the release of its new Power Xpert energy storage grid-tied inverters. Designed to increase electrical resiliency in utility-scale applications, the inverter works with a wide variety of battery chemistries to store and transmit power when needed. Power Xpert storage inverters have the capacity to deliver a reliable power supply of up to 2 MW or 2.25 MW, with a 150% rating. Providing rapid system response, they can mitigate frequency changes by pushing and pulling power into the grid in fewer than eight milliseconds. The energy storage inverters can also provide reactive power (VAR) support for full 360° power factor, and power control to accommodate line voltage and frequency sags or surges. 
Power Xpert offers true low-voltage and frequency variation ride-through to accommodate online operation on soft grid connections. When combined in package solutions with Eaton’s medium-voltage transformers, interconnection switchgear and plant controllers, customers can rapidly deploy compact solutions intended to meet a variety of grid ancillary service requirements. 

Volume: May/June 2014