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Quick, efficient turbine inspection solution

15 May 2019

A turnkey blade maintenance solution offers a complete blade inspection to repair solution for the global wind power industry. The digital solution is efficient, reduces costs, and increases the speed of turbine inspections. With Clobotics smart wind solution, the Windspector, an autonomous drone flies around the turbine and blades, capturing high resolution images as it flies. Inspection is done in minutes, rather than hours. There is no longer dependency on highly trained human operators, which dramatically reduces the amount of labor involved and turbine down-time. Further images of the blades are then automatically analyzed, annotated, and reported on the cloud-based customer portal the very next day. Offering an autonomous AI-based inspection with Clobotics Windspector, backed by repair solutions and including GEV's all-weather Ventura Habitat, this brings turnkey fixed price solutions to wind farm O&M clients.

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Volume: 2019 May/June