Fast curing, structural composite resin for wind blade repair

Sika Corporation announces the introduction of the SikaBiresin CR910 Blade Repair system. SikaBiresin CR910 Blade Repair is an epoxy resin system designed for repairing high-performance fiber-reinforced composite structures. SikaBiresin CR910, combined with hardeners SikaBiresin CH910-1 and CH910-2, is used specifically for production or onsite repair of wind turbine blades. From lightning strikes to leading edge erosion, SikaBiresin CR910 Blade Repair can repair severe, structural wind blade damage and is easily applied with a brush or roller. As Sika’s next-generation wind blade repair resin system, SikaBiresin CR910 Blade Repair will serve as the successor to Sikadur Blade Repair Kits. The new system offers good fiber impregnation and non-draining properties, fast strength build-up, and is crystallization-resistant for use at low temperatures. SikaBiresin CR910 is available with 2-hardener options for process flexibility, SikaBiresin CH910-1: 45-minute pot life; and SikaBiresin CH910-2: 180-minute pot life.

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Volume: 2023 January/February