Low-cost drone-based rotor blade inspections

Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories AG's new 3DX HD product has been developed as a cost-effective solution to cope with large volumes of high definition blade inspections. Based on the compact and flexible DJI M-210 drone, Sulzer Schmid's latest product delivers performance and fully autonomous drone inspections at a significantly lower cost compared to its existing 3DX Ultra-HD product based on the DJI's M-600 drone. The new 3DX HD product combines increased inspection capacity with improved ease of deployment. It offers all the key benefits of autonomous inspection flights, while improving inspection efficiency, handling and deployment during field operations. It is compact enough to be checked-in as regular luggage for air travel and can be deployed easily on CTV ships for Offshore Wind inspections.

Sulzer Schmid Laboratories AG |  www.sulzerschmid.ch


Volume: 2019 May/June