High mobility airfield lighting system

Avlite has released their new expeditionary airfield lighting system, AV-HMALS. It introduces a raft of new military-focused products and incorporates them into a customizable and configurable system. AV-HMALS (High Mobility Airfield Lighting System) is a portable system consisting of trailers housing their new military product range. Options for the AV-HMALS are tailored to the user's specific needs and include: trailers systems with roadworthy and high-density options, runway and taxiway lighting featuring a new range of military lights, approach lighting configurable to the user's exacting specifications, control options for all system sizes, and accessories and add-ons to make sure the system is fit for purpose. AV-HMALS can be used anywhere, including areas that are difficult to access or expensive to install and operate. It can also be utilized as an auxiliary airfield lighting is necessary. All products are available in visible and IR lighting modes and can operate via solar, AC with battery backup, or AC with battery backup and solar.

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Volume: 2021 July/August