Single-row tracker

TrinaTracker launched their Vanguard 1P single-row tracker as part of TrinaPro solution (tracker + Trina Solar Vertex modules), is fully compatible with ultra-high power modules ranging from 400W to 670W+, adopts the 1P single-row design, and includes technology advantages that guarantee high reliability, significant power generation, and optimized balance of system (BOS) cost. In addition, the product has been subjected to an extensive wind tunnel test performed by wind engineering consultancy leader CPP, which included dynamic, static, and 3D aeroelastic simulations. Vanguard 1P includes TrinaTracker "Spherical Bearing", which provides three axes of rotation. This component minimizes the structure's stress and deformation and further improves reliability and adaptability in complex terrains. Moreover, the bearing provides self-alignment with angle adjustability of 30%, which can correct the installation deviation and reduce failure rate and operation and maintenance costs. The dual-damper system included in Vanguard 1P tracker structure shortens the time of tracker oscillation, prevents the oscillation spread, reduces the dynamic response, and increases the critical wind speed. The Trina Clamp adds value to Vanguard 1P installations by diminishing installation time by 50%. 

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Volume: 2022 November/December