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Large single row tracker

15 Nov 2020

Soltec presents its new SF8 tracker which has a minimum 2x60 configuration and 4 to 6-strings. This tracker reinforces its structure to facilitate installation and favors high performance on any terrain. A reinforced torque tube with improved geometry, together with an autonomous self-stow system, contribute to increased tracker resistance to adverse weather conditions. In addition, the SF8 tracker increases the rigidity of its structure by 22% more than the previous generation of Soltec trackers, the SF7. The SF8 is specially designed for larger 72- and 78-cell modules. The SF8 has 5.16% fewer parts per module than the previous generation of Soltec trackers, thus increasing cost and installation efficiency. Each SF8 tracker is equipped with, at least 4 strings, making electrical module connections easy. Due to these innovations, the SF8 allows for easy and quick installation, favoring enhanced return on investment and reduced installation and maintenance costs. The SF8 has a full-wireless system allowing complete plant and inter-tracker connection. The Open Thread system, developed by Google, contributes to improved plant protection and to preventing damages by accurately anticipating weather conditions.

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Volume: 2020 November/December