Tracking system for bifacial modules

The Schletter Group presents its 2018 tracking system in a new version that is optimized for bifacial modules. For this purpose, the reverse side of the module tables was adjusted so that the modules can be installed without shading. The Schletter Tracker does not require a central torque tube at the pivot point of the table. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to module arrangement and the use of bifacial modules in particular. The system works with a patented mechanical self-locking system; a mechanical locking element on each post, which locks automatically if the row is not moved. This eliminates all wind-induced vibrations for the entire row. When in the resting position, the system has the characteristics and resilience of a fixed installation, suitable for wind speeds of up to 162 miles per hour (260km/h). The upper assembly group with the drive unit is delivered pre-assembled so the system can be installed almost as quickly as a fixed installation.

The Schletter Group |

Volume: 2019 July/August