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Reliable load monitoring and protection

07 Mar 2023

LUTZE’s new generation of LOCC-Box devices is designed with the end user in mind. LUTZE’s innovative push-in terminals are user-friendly and offer a wider clamping range of AWG 24-14 than the previously used spring clamps. Ferruled and solid wires can be terminated simply by using the quick push-in technology and stranded wires can easily be terminated for proper connection with the help of a screwdriver by pressing the ergonomically designed blue push-in tabs. Additionally, each terminal now includes a convenient 2mm test port. The overall dimensions of LOCC-Box housing have been reduced to create space and allow more free air flow in the control cabinet. An enhanced mounting mechanism provides a secure hold to the DIN rail. With these new upgraded features, the updated design of the LOCC-Box improves installation efficiency in control cabinet applications. The new LOCC-Box devices are UL 508 and UL 2367 Listed and compatible with all previous models.



Volume: 2023 March/April