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All-in-one test solution

07 Nov 2022

The new Fluke Solar Multifunction Tester 1000 (SMFT-1000) is an all-in-one test solution to verify PV system performance and safety. Designed for PV professionals that provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance services to systems that operate at 1000 V DC, the SMFT-1000 provides increased productivity and an exceptional user experience. The all-in-one solar PV testing tool offers I-V curve tracing and PV system performance analysis, and conforms to IEC 62446-1 standards. The product’s Fluke TruTest Solar Software integration allows users to quickly and easily import measurement results directly from their solar multifunction tester to the computer, organize and analyze the data, compare individual asset data against previous measurements, and provide a comprehensive and visual client report. The SMFT-1000 is the latest addition to the Fluke portfolio of test tools designed for today's solar professionals.

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Volume: 2022 November/December