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Streamline PV maintenance, track production, and prove ROI

15 May 2020

Tigo Energy, Inc. announced a new addition to the add-on TS4 Platform, the TS4-A-M. This add-on module-level monitoring solution brings smart PV module technology and a high granularity of production data to Tigo's residential, commercial & industrial, and utility customers. With Tigo's monitoring solution, customers can choose between Premium or Free solar monitoring which offers various features into module-level data. The highlights of the new TS4-A-M (Monitoring Add-on) with Premium monitoring include: see power, voltage, and current data anywhere via the SMART website or app; view or download detailed charts of system energy production; configure 3rd party Modbus devices like inverters and AC meters in the Tigo SMART app; download data directly using the Tigo API; be alerted via automatic email or SMS of faults or performance issues; proactively maintain PV systems with a low cost of ownership; receive monthly or daily production reports; track individual module performance to easily identify issues; and predict maintenance requirements to reduce labor time.

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