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Universal datalogger

15 Jul 2019

Only one Tigo Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) is needed as the general purpose data logger for all components in an entire PV system. All PV modules, inverters, or other 3rd party devices are monitored at the highest sampling rate. The data is uploaded to Tigo's cloud for free and is available via Tigo's SMART Website and SMART App. Tigo's CCA interfaces with inverters, modules, AC meters, weather stations, and more so that a user can have AC production and all other relevant information on their system shown on their Tigo SMART Summary Page. The CCA also allows module-level DC production from the Tigo PV system to be displayed. With advanced charts, graphs, and a sophisticated alerts system, a fleet can be managed from a single platform, from total AC power all the way down to module-level. Tigo's CCA is also an approved reporting device for many rebate programs. By connecting to a revenue-grade AC meter, users can obtain production data that can be saved for these rebate programs like performance-based incentives.

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Volume: 2019 July/August