PCM Solar

Process/Technology: Metal manufacturer, offering solar racking and custom solutions                  

Materials: Metal, aluminum, stainless steel, and more

Sizing: 12', 14', 17', and 20' solar rails (with custom lengths available up to 30'); plus, a variety of L-feet sizes (3", 5",7") and square standoff mounts (3", 4", 6", 7"), including custom sizes based on the project requirements

Shapes/Structures: Standoffs; angled standoffs; L-mount brackets; rail splices; solar rails; wedges; end clips; and custom designed structures

Additional Features:

·       Engineered for solar roof-mounts, ballast-mounts (non-penetrating), and ground-mounts (including carports), as well as non-penetrating/non-ballast mounts with FOAM (ideal for 25 kW+ commercial flat-roof projects)

·       Employs 6061 aluminum and high-quality stainless steel materials; and

·       PCM’s solar rail is certified to withstand 200 mph of wind load.



As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Metal Fabrication
Volume: May/June 2014