54-cell solar module for US residential and commercial markets

LONGi has launched a new solar module specifically designed for residential and commercial applications in the U.S. market. The new Hi-MO 5 54-cell module, based on the M10 182mm monocrystaline wafer, will be available in early 2023, first as a monofacial module and then as a bifacial module. Using the same technology as the company’s large-format utility-scale 72-cell modules, the Hi-MO 5 54-cell module delivers high power generation, reliable performance, high module efficiency, and reduced system costs with an aesthetic appearance for rooftop distributed generation projects. The Hi-MO 5 54-cell module features power outputs up to 415W and maximum efficiencies of 21.3%. The monofacial module comes in an all-black design and has a 12-year warranty for materials and processing and a 25-year warranty for linear power output. The bifacial module will be a dual-glass design and carries a 12-year warranty for materials and processing and a 30-year warranty for linear power output. Weighing less than 50lbs, the Hi-MO 5 54-cell can be handled and installed easily on rooftops, and is compatible with standard module racking and mounting systems. With its optimized electrical parameters, the Hi-MO 5 54-cell is compatible with smart MLPE devices such as Enphase microinverters and SolarEdge optimizers as well as mainstream string inverters.

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Volume: 2022 November/December