Gapless cell layout, elegant appearance, and lead-free construction

The new REC Alpha Pure Black solar panel, from REC Group, offers lead-free production and a substantial gain in power output. The REC Alpha Pure Black will start production in June 2021 at REC's fully automated manufacturing facility in Singapore, with first deliveries expected in July. With half-cut heterojunction cells in a gapless layout, the REC Alpha Pure Black delivers up to 405Wp. At 219W per square meter, the panel offers high power density, helping homeowners and businesses benefit from optimum use of space and savings on energy bills. The new REC Alpha Pure Black Series is eligible for the REC ProTrust warranty package, which offers up to 25-years coverage on product, performance and labor, with guaranteed power of at least 92% in year 25 of operation. Thanks to a temperature coefficient of -0.26 %/ °C, the REC Alpha Pure Black offers performance in both mild and hot conditions. A strong frame gives extra protection against extreme weather events and allows the REC Alpha to withstand snow loads of 7000Pa. REC has eliminated lead from all panel components, including cell connections, cross connectors, and junction box soldering. This means the panel meets the European RoHS regulation. This innovation is a testament to REC's continued commitment to clean solar energy while saving on natural resources, reducing waste, and eliminating hazardous components. The gapless layout efficiently uses every millimeter of the panel surface by avoiding typical gaps between cells. Because aesthetics play a role in rooftop solar applications, this gapless layout, combined with a black backsheet, gives the REC Alpha Pure Black Series a seamless appearance, which alongside its lead-free construction and high power, makes it a compelling solar panel choice for both residential and commercial rooftops.

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Volume: 2021 July/August