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Integrated remote security and surveillance

08 Nov 2016

Sensera Systems' SiteWatch-PRO Series system is a turn-key remote site video surveillance solution featuring dual day/night cameras, long range PIR-based motion detection, and IR or white light illumination, all powered from the integrated solar powered battery system. SiteWatch-PRO Series is compact, portable, simple to install, and can be mounted anywhere. The system's camera supports cellular and WiFi, and is supported by Sensera Systems' MultiSense Cloud Service providing end-to-end remote video surveillance and alerting over cellular or WiFi connections, accessible from any PC or mobile web browser with no additional software. The automated provisioning feature of MultiSense means no IP addresses or camera-side configuration is needed to bring the cameras onto the cloud. The SiteWatch-PRO Series camera features capabilities including: DVR edge recording (64GB), 720p/H.264 video streaming, triggered image and video capture, and email and SMS motion alerts. Motion alerts can be configured to include video or still imagery, providing real-time video alarm verification. Arming of motion detection and alerting can be scheduled from the web interface. The SiteWatch-PRO Series camera also supports the LiveView feature allowing near-real-time continuous site monitoring. The SiteWatch-PRO Series utilizes high performance Optex Redwall V-Series PIR sensors for reliable long-range motion detection with low false alarms, and the Raytec VARIO series LED illuminators for the best images.

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Volume: 2016 November/December