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In-field scalability for sealing applications

15 May 2020

A.W. Chesterton Company launches new single and double cartridge seals built on its new AXIUS modular seal platform. These modular seals enable customers to make quick seal face and feature changes around a standard seal base to meet varying applications quickly and economically. The first mechanical seals offered on the AXIUS platform are: Chesterton 1810 Heavy Duty Modular Single Cartridge Seal; a reliable, plant-wide seal that has performance and reliability enhancing add-on capabilities. The 1810 has environmental control options such as multi-port flushing and quench & drain, and Chesterton 2810 Heavy Duty Modular Double Cartridge Seal; the 2810 delivers advanced emissions control and safety. It features a "Diffuser Sleeve," an optimized barrier-buffer channel which improves fluid flow to and from the seal's support system and enhances temperature regulation to extend seal face life. This feature was developed with extensive research using state of art technologies including CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) 

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Volume: 2020 May/June