Large flux portfolio for various applications in the solar industry

Emil Otto has a segment for the solar industry in its portfolio. The flux specialist has developed a total of 17 fluxes for soldering solar modules, tabber and stringer materials, and connecting cells. Hybrid fluxes include EO-S-011, -012, -015 and -017. These fluxes have a low alcohol content of only 15% in some cases, with drying properties comparable to pure alcohol-based fluxes. 13 of the 17 fluxes are formulated on an alcohol basis and can be offered as concentrates. These are packaged in reduced volume and shipped worldwide. Since they also do not have to be declared as hazardous goods, transport is cost-reduced. The customer can produce the flux fresh on site. The concentrates usually have a storage life of 24 months. The ready-mixed fluxes can be used for at least 12 months and in some cases even 24 months. This ready-to-use approach also minimizes the risk of non-functioning supply chains, as the concentrate is always available on site due to the optimal storage time. For the reliable removal of flux residues in production equipment, Emil Otto also offers the efficient and gentle cleaning agents Etimol SEM 12 RAA and EO-RA-V. 

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Volume: 2023 May/June