Ultra -Rapid Fuses

Siba Fuses Product Image 1For solar applications, SIBA's Photovoltaic (PV), fuses offer ultimate circuit protection and are available in up to 1500VDC PV and are UL Listed. SIBA's semiconductor fuses have global certifications. Ultra-Rapid fuses are utilized in Power Conversion, Thyristors, Rectifiers, UPS, Traction Applications, SCR's (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers/Semiconductor Controlled Rectifiers) Inverters, Converters, Traction Substations, DC Common Buses, and Reduced Voltage Starters, Drives, both AC and DC rated. Their new line of "Full Range" UL DC-rated fuses up to 1100VDC for UL DC Drives, offered exclusively by SIBA.


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Volume: 2021 January/February