Conductive grid/busbar inks

Conductive grid/busbar inksEngineered Conductive Materials, LLC introduces two next-generation conductive grid inks, CI-1031-7 and CI-1031-8, for use in thin-film solar modules. These material formulations have been optimized for excellent conductivity and low contact resistance on transparent conductive oxides used in solar applications. The CI-1031-series conductive grid inks have high solids contents and optimized rheologies to enable screen printing of high-aspect ratio fine lines to maximize the print thickness and reduce shadowing. These are low stress, low shrinkage thermosetting inks that offer excellent moisture resistance and low polymeric creep. Line resistivity is very low at 8 mΩ/sq/mil (1 mil emulsion; 230 mesh). CI-1031-7and CI-1031-8 are the latest additions to Engineered Conductive Materials’ full line of conductive stringer attach adhesives, conductive adhesives for back contact crystalline silicon, thin-film and via fill applications, as well as conductive grid inks for photovoltaic applications.

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As seen in: Intersolar North America 2012 Show-in-Print
Volume: July/August 2012