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        solar product spotlight: tracking systems
Tracker Name: Axone Duo
Type of Tracker: Horizontal single-axis with central driveline architecture in dual row
Drive System: Slew drive + DC motor
Tracker Length: Up to 210ft (64m)
Tracker Height: >= 3.3ft (1m)
Pile Count: 19 piles per 128 modules
Modules per Row: Up to 64 modules
Module Mount: Rails or clamps
Slope Tolerance: N-S: 14%, E-W: Unlimited
Tracking Range: +/- 60o
Standard Configuration: 1 module in portrait
Preventative Maintenance Required: Yes Tracker Power Consumption: 0.2 KWh/
MW-year self powered Certifications: UL3703, IEC62817 Key Features:
• Compatible with all modules including bifacial;
• Fast installation with few moving parts;
• Low maintenance with half the number of motors and controllers;
• Certified against flutter by CPP wind tunnel testing;
• High adaptability to irregular site conditions with short rows.
   Valmont Utility Tracker Name: Convert
TRJ Single-Axis Tracker
Type of Tracker: Single- axis
Drive System: Linear Actuation, Independent Row
Tracker Length: 100ft (30.5m)
Tracker Height: 5ft (1.5m) typical Pile Count: Maximum 5 Modules per Row: 30
Module Mount: Rails with direct attachment or clamps, options based on module type, installation preference
Slope Tolerance: N-S: 8% standard, higher close tolerance available, E-W: Unlimited
Tracking Range: +/- 60o (120°) Standard Configuration: 1 or 2 modules
in portrait
Preventative Maintenance Required:
Annual visual and physical sampling, electronic system checks
Tracker Power Consumption: Typically 94kWh/MW per year
Certifications: UL2307, UL3703, TUV Key Features:
• Short 30 module single string rows;
• Provides more density in tougher terrain rigidity and site boundaries;
• Stiff design engineered for dynamic forces;
• One controller for 10 rows, no battery.
    AllEarth Renewables Tracker Name:
Type of Tracker: Dual-axis
Drive System: GPS-based tracking powered by a hydraulic power unit
Tracker Length: 20' to 25' (6.09m to 7.62m), depending on tracker model and panels used Tracker Height: 18' to 20' (5.48m to 6.09m), depending on tracker model and panels used Pile Count: Simply supported on a single mono-pole
Modules per Row: 20 or 24 panels total Module Mount: Rail and clamp system
Slope Tolerance: Maximum 10% grade Tracking Range: Yaw range 0° to 360°. Tilt range 0° horizontal to 60° off horizontal Standard Configuration: 4 columns x 5 rows, or 4 columns x 6 rows, depending on tracker model. Panels in landscape orientation Preventative Maintenance Required: Greasing main gear every 3 years, hydraulic fluid change every 10 years. Annual inspection recommended
Tracker Power Consumption:
Approximately 50kWh per year
Scorpius Trackers, Pvt., Ltd. Tracker Name:
Type of Tracker: Horizontal single-axis, tilted single-axis, dual-axis
Drive System: Linear actuators (array), gear motor drive (row)
Tracker Length: 360' (100m) (n/s row length) Tracker Height: Up to 6' (1.8m)
Pile Count: Between 200 to 390, depending on configuration
Modules per Row: Up to 126
Module Mount: Clamps or bolts and washers
Slope Tolerance: e/w no limit, n/s 5% Tracking Range: +/-60° in e/w
Standard Configuration: 2 or 1 up in portrait, 2 or 4 in landscape
Preventative Maintenance Required: Not required
Tracker Power Consumption: self-powered Certifications: Wind tunnel, Independent Engineers Certification
Tracker Name: Gemini
Type of Tracker: Single-axis tracker
Drive System: Distributed drive system
Tracker Height: 6'2" to 8'2" (1.9m to 2.5m) Modules per Row: 112-120 modules, depending on module string length
Module Mount: Self-grounding, electric tool- actuated fasteners standard. Clamping system optional.
Tracking Range: ±50°
Standard Configuration: 2 in portrait. 4 x 1500 strings per standard tracker. Partial length trackers available.
Tracker Power Consumption: Array powered: NX Integrated DC pre-combiner and power supply; AC powered: Customer-provided AC circuit Certifications: UL 3703, UL 2703, IEC 62817
 With the single-axis tracker from DEGER you can achieve yield increases of approx. 30%.
An easy plug-and-play installation is realized by means of the stable supporting construction.
Tel: 519.925.0177

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