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   solar product spotlight: tracking systems
   OMCO Solar
Tracker Name: OMCO Origin
Type of Tracker: Horizontal Single Axis
Drive System: 1 vertical slew drive per tracker with a 24V brushed DC motor
Tracker Length: Up to 400ft Tracker Height: Customer and site
Pile Count: Site dependent, but can be as low as 11 modules per pile
Modules per Row: Up to 120
Module Mount: 2 per module
Slope Tolerance: 8% N/S and 19% E/W
Tracking Range: 120°
Standard Configuration: 1 in portrait
Preventative Maintenance Required:
Slew drive oil every 2 years
Tracker Power Consumption: Max power consumption is 600kwh/MW/year
Certifications: UL 3703, ASCE7-10 Key Features:
• Up to 120 modules per tracker;
• No gaps over bearing posts and a single 3ft gap over drive post;
• Minimal gaps between modules and at end of rows;
• Any framed module with frame heights between 25mm to 50mm and up to 1.3m wide;
• All structural components are manufactured in the USA by OMCO using USA steel.
    RBI Solar, Inc. Tracker Name: Sunflower
Type of Tracker: Single-axis
Drive System: Drivetrain
Tracker Length: Customized for any layout Tracker Height: Varies
Pile Count: 2 piles per 12 modules Modules per Row: 120
Module Mount: Purlin attachment
Slope Tolerance: 10%
Tracking Range: +/- 55°
Standard Configuration: 1-high portrait
Preventative Maintenance Required: See O&M guide
Tracker Power Consumption: Varies, AC and DC options available
Key Features:
• One size foundation throughout the array;
• Undulating slope tolerances up to 10% reduces land acquisition and civil cos;
• Lightweight, pre-assembled parts make for simple installation (no heavy equipment required);
• Customizable row lengths up to 120 modules, matching any string size or boundary constraints;
• No dampeners required making for easy O&M access.
    Model MA1000
  GP Joule
Tracker Name: PHLEGON
Type of Tracker: Horizontal single-axis tracker Drive System: DC linear electrical actuator Tracker Length: 139' (42.5m) to 195' (59.5m) per tracker
Tracker Height: 5'5" (1.7m) top of post; 11' (3.35m) at max tilt
Pile Count: 0.1 pile per module; average 310 piles/MWdc
Modules per Row: Up to 84 modules per tracker
Stracker, Inc.
Tracker Name: STracker S1A, B, C
Type of Tracker: Dual-axis
Drive System: All-electric patented slew drive- core
Tracker Length: 24' x 27' array
Tracker Height: 20', 14' minimum ground clearance
Pile Count: (28) 72-cell
Modules per Row: 4
Module Mount: Steel rail and bolts
Slope Tolerance: 1%
Tracking Range: 220°
Standard Configuration: Landscape Preventative Maintenance Required: Annual greasing
Tracker Power Consumption: 5000kwh/year Certifications: UL Listing in progress
Module Mount: Rail, direct bolting
Slope Tolerance: 10° to 15° n/s
Tracking Range: -45° to +45°
Standard Configuration: 3x4 landscape Preventative Maintenance Required: None required
Tracker Power Consumption: 2-3MWh/yr/ MWdc
Certifications: CE, CSA, UL, RWDI
STI Norland
Tracker Name: STI-H250
Type of Tracker: Horizontal, single-axis, dual-row Drive System: Rotative electromechanical actuator
Tracker Length: 196.85' (60m)
Tracker Height: 4.92' (1.5m)
Pile Count: 19 piles
Modules per Row: 60 (configurable)
Module Mount: Bolt, clamp, or rivet
Slope Tolerance: 15% N/S / 10% E/W Tracking Range: 110° (+/-55°)
Standard Configuration: 1P
Preventative Maintenance Required: Annual check
Tracker Power Consumption: Powered from the grid (< 0.035Kwh/day), self-powered option available
Certifications: IEC 62817, UL2703 (in process)
    North American Clean Energy
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