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    solar product spotlight: ground screws
Ground Screws
 Ground screws are becoming the choice in foundation methods. They eliminate the need for concrete and allow foundations to be quickly set. The following highlights a variety of available options to suit different applications and soil conditions.
   APA Solar Racking Product: APA Ground Screw
Description: APA Ground Screws are manufactured for challenging solar sites. They use heavy wall tubing for the main shaft of the screw. The tips of the screw are forged, making them extremely
hard to help penetrate into or pass by underground obstructions. The threads are welded with a patented automated welding process to provide a consistent and strong weld along the entire length of the thread. Ground screws come with a durable hot dipped galvanized coating to protect them from corrosion.
Material: Hot-dipped, galvanized steel Thickness: 0.137" to 0.157" (3.48mm to
Length: 47" to 85"
Flange Size: Various
Thread Width: 0.375" (9.5mm)
Thread Pitch: 1.5" to 2.0" (38.1mm to 50.8mm)
Threads: 24 to 40 Key Features:
• A ground screw is a suitable foundation for rocky, hard pan, and caliche soils;
• APA has ground screws between 2.5" and 4.5";
• Can be used with tracking systems and other racking;
• Available in multiple different lengths such as 40", 61", 73", and 85";
• The Dual Tracking system screw is now available.
    Solar FlexRack Product: Ground Screw
Description: Solar FlexRack’s Ground Screw Solution is fast and easy to install. Concrete is not required and the systematic installation process is seamless, resulting in significant project cost savings.
Material: Galvanized steel Thickness: 0.12" (3mm) Length: Varies based on project Flange Size: 2.99" (76mm) Thread Pitch: 1.6" (40mm) Thread Width: 3.8" (96mm)
Key Features:
• Reliable regardless of rocky or difficult subsoil conditions;
• No refusals and associated contingency costs with piles in dense gravel, rocks, boulders, or ledges;
• Low impact equipment can be used versus large, specialized equipment needed for other foundational solutions;
• Telescopic upright extension allows for easy vertical adjustment so racks transition.
   WORD Rock Drills Product: Solar Drill Attachment
Description: The Solar Drill Attachment is a rock drilling attachment designed to be used for the installation of ground screws and anchors. This machine attaches to the customers existing skid steer providing a fast, efficient, and economical solution for solar installation.
Key Features:
• A rock drill at its core, the torque capabilities of this machine is optimized for challenging soil conditions;
• Manufactured with a unique level
of adaptability, this machine can be utilized in solar installations and other applications;
• Can easily be outfitted to combat refusal holes;
• Installation and drill training available for each machine.

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