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     solar product spotlight: pile driving
 Pile Driving
Solar pile driving systems are changing the future of ground-mount solar installations. What used to take days or weeks can now be completed in hours, saving time and, more importantly, money on solar field installations. Here are some of the solar pile driving systems available on the market today...
   Hercules Machinery Product: STR20
Operating weight: ~19,500lbs (~8845kg)
Column inclination: 40° Lateral inclination: 15° Engine
Make & Model: Yanmar Power (hp & kw): 74.9hp EPA Certification: Tier 4 Final
Hydraulic system Hydraulic tank capacity:
80gal (302L)
Oil flow rate: 30GPM Oil pressure: 3000 max
Fuel tank capacity: 30gal (113.5L)
Hammer Model: IH1250
Hammer weight: 2000lbs (907kg)
Blows (n/min): 570 - 1180bpm Maximum post size
Side: 10" (25.4cm) Key Features:
• Side Shift, +/- 5"; • Tilt: +10o, -45o;
• Slew: +/-15o;
• 360o rotation;
• 3 attachment options and GPS ready.
    WORD Rock Drills Product: Bracchio Pile Driver
Operating weight: 3000lbs (1361kg)
Transport length: 204" (518cm) Hydraulic system
Oil flow rate: 10 / 20gal/m (38 / 76L/min)
Oil pressure: 1900PSI Hammer
Model: AB408
Hammer weight: 600lbs
Blows (n/min): 380 - 900
Key Features:
• Attaches to existing skid steer;
• Suitable for testing soil conditions on large job sites or installing small residential solar units;
• Extension feed design allows the pile driver to instal piles up to 13ft;
• Pile Driver feed length capable of compacting by 4ft for easier transportation.
    International Attachments, Inc.
 Product: Mazaka MA-1000 Solar Pile Machine
Operating weight: 9590lbs (4350kg) Transport height: 7.01ft (2.13m) Transport width: 7.18ft (2.18m) Transport length: 15.12ft (4.6m) Column inclination: 10° to 51° Lateral inclination: 10° to 10° Engine
Make & Model: Mitsubishi Power (hp & kw): 46HP Noise Rating: 114 dba
EPA Certification: EPA Tier 4
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic tank capacity: 52gal (197L) Oil flow rate: 26GPM
Oil pressure: 60 - 120bar
Fuel tank capacity: 26gal (98L)
Model: MB
Hammer weight: 900lbs (408kg) Joule rating: 1060 - 1260 Blows (n/min): 500 - 900 Maximum post size
Height: 15.1ft (4.6m)
Side: 6 / 9 (152 - 229mm) Key Features:
• Suitable for use in rugged terrain;
• Compact footprint minimizes environmental disruption;
• Optional features include: laser height management system, auto mast leveling, and GPS pile location system.
Product: PD5R
Operating weight: 10,300lbs (4672kg) Transport height: 98.4" (249.9cm) Transport width: 84.6" (214.9cm) Transport length: 139.2" (353.6cm) Engine
Make & Model: CAT C2.2T CRDI Power: 48.8hp (36.4kw)
Noise Rating: Guaranteed sound power is 134 dba
EPA Certification: Tier 4 Final (EU stage IIIB)
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic tank capacity: 35gal (132L) Fuel tank capacity: 25gal (95L)
Model: Indeco
Joule rating: 1080bpm Maximum post size
Height: 186" (472cm)
Side: 8.3" x 9.3" (21cm x 24cm)
Turchi USA
Product: 260-F 830 Joule Pile Driver Operating weight: 7716lbs (3500kg) Transport height: 106" (269cm) Transport width: 93" (235cm) Transport length: 77" (196cm) Column inclination: +10° to -51° Lateral inclination: +10° to -10° Engine
Make & Model: Yanmar 4TNV88
Power: 48.1hp (35.4kw)
Noise Rating: dba xx/114
EPA Certification: Tier 4i (EU stage IIIB)
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic tank capacity: 32gal (121L) Oil flow rate: 16 / 24 gal/m (60 / 91 L/min) Oil pressure: 180bar
Fuel tank capacity: 13gal (49L)
Model: Indeco
Hammer weight: 970 lbs (440kg) Joule rating: 830
Blows (n/min): 540 - 1300 Maximum post size
Height: 110" (280cm)
Side: 8 / 6 (200 / 160mm)

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